What we bring to the table

We can say we are the leader in French Canadian translations, we could boast about all our accomplishments, but really, what you, as a client, want to know is what we can do for you.

« what’s in it for me? »

On paper, it looks like the perfect territory to expand your market share and grow your brand’s notoriety. But most North American companies set Quebec aside when choosing their new targeted market.

Why? The answer is pretty easy: the prominent proportion of French-speakers.

Because of this specificity, companies need to, not only translate their products and their ads but also make sure they have the same wording power, as their English equivalent… And that takes time and knowledge we can provide for you.

That language barrier makes it difficult for companies to create meaningful relationships with French-speaking customers. Difficult, but not impossible. Big corporation, like Apple, Google, and Spotify, have mastered and crafted their advertising to speak directly to Quebecers about stuff that matters to them. If your company can mimic that, she’ll be way ahead of its competition.

Still not convinced that the French Canadian market could be a great opportunity for your company’s growth? These facts might change your mind:

  1. Quebec is undergoing a digital transformation

Although Quebec has been lacking in term of e-commerce and digital advertising compared to the North American English-speaking territories, “La Belle Province” is accelerating its digital culture growth. In fact, the Quebec’s government wants to build a fully digital province and it is taking action: in the upcoming years, millions of dollars will be invested to stimulate knowledge, IT development, and innovation in the digital field. Trust us, your company should be ready when it takes full expansion.

  1. Quebecers are very active online

Based on data from the CEFRIO, in 2017, 93% of adults between 18-34 were active daily on the Web. In 2017, 58% of Quebec resident bought something online at least once, spending, on average, $863 throughout the year.

Even though interests and needs can differ in Quebec, some behaviors are consistent with the rest of Canada and the USA. For example, Quebecers are loving Amazon just like their neighbors. In 2017, a third of Quebec’s population bought something on Amazon. That’s about 2,5 million people who could be seeing and buying your products. If your products are selling on Amazon, it’s a no-brainer that you should speak directly to Quebecers.

  1. The competition isn’t as strong as other markets

Companies usually leave out the French-speaking market because it takes to many resources to learn how to do it properly. This could be good news for you: less competition equals more opportunities to become a top-of-mind company for French-Canadians.

As an example, according to eMarketer, digital ad spending in the French-Canadian market in 2016, was, on average $900. The entire country’s average was $5484.

  1. Advertising prices are usually lower in Quebec

SEO and PPC campaigns are widely used in most company’s digital strategy, but these can be extremely competitive (expensive). But, as we saw earlier, less competition in the Quebec market means that advertising prices and bids are usually lower. You’ll pay less money and you’ll be more likely to appear on top of Google Search Ads. So, if you can take the time to craft well-thought ads that resonate with the culture and customer behaviors in Quebec, you’ll see a return on investment in no time.

Don’t do it alone!

Not advertising or selling your product in French in Quebec means that your company is leaving behind 1/4 of Canada’s population as a potential target audience. But we understand that the laws and regulations in Quebec can be hard to follow, some companies even ignore them at their own risk.

So, don’t jump headfirst in this new market without the help and knowledge of a specialized translation agency. We will make sure your products and your ads respect the local nuances and maximize your investment in the French market.

If your company is ready to expand into the French-Canadian market, we can help you.